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We help business owners reduce costs and reduces taxes.

Covid – 19 has had a devastating impact on industries across the world but none have felt the fallout as much as the hospitality sector in Ireland, particularly The Restaurants and Pubs.

Hospitalitywealth is here for Business Owners in the sector to try and help them navigate through these difficult times, in the short term and with a view to developing and managing wealth over the medium to long term.

We have assisted hundreds of Business Owners, in this sector and others, to reduce costs, reduce taxes and improve business and personal financial performance. This is done by implementing various reliefs at the correct times to improve cashflow and in turn reduce some of the pressures on the business.

Contact Hospitalitywealth now and we will conduct an introductory, no-obligation, confidential, discovery conversation, completed at our expense to help alleviate some of the concerns that you may have at this moment in time.

The first step of the process is understanding where our clients are on their journey and how we can assist each step of the way. Hospitalitywealth promote their Centralised Wealth Management System, known as R.E.A.P. This is a linear process where no one step is more important than the other. When done correctly, it will assist the individuals in terms of Wealth Development and accelerating their F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence to Retire Early). The initial focus is on wealth protection, to development, to retention and finally legacy control.

Hospitalitywealth brings forward your F.I.R.E. This is done by reviewing existing structures and recommending the most cost effective and tax efficient planning to YOUR situation at the right time. By utilising various tools, we can help you learn “How Much Is Enough” and “Your Number”. Both of these concepts educate on how much you need to retire and live the life you’ve always dreamed of, whilst not having too much in your retirement plan, dying, and incurring the dreaded death tax. You will also know learn the age at which you can retire – “Your Number”.


Financial Independence Accelerator



Legacy control, Wills, Power of Attorney, Power of Guardianship, Capital Acquisitions – Inheritance Tax Shelters, Business Succession Planning.


Legacy control, Wills, Power of Attorney, Power of Guardianship, Capital Acquisitions – Inheritance Tax Shelters, Business Succession Planning.


Increasing Performance, Reducing Costs, Reducing Tax, Model Portfolios, Centralised Investment Process.


Increasing Performance, Reducing Costs, Reducing Tax, Model Portfolios, Centralised Investment Process.

About Us

There are a large amount of industry problems associated with the Hospitality sector. The prominent problems stem from the fall-out from the Covid-19 Pandemic. The industry has been brought to the brink and is on its knees. Hospitalitywealth understands this and through its partnership with The Restaurants Association of Ireland and other affiliations, vows to help Business Owners in the sector.

There are also the other issues that have always been around such as;

  • Government Legislation
  • Restrictive Leases
  • Profitability Reductions
  • Reduced Trading Hours
  • Rents / Costs Increasing
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Staff Costs and Availability
  • Increases in Wages

All of these issues bring downward pressure on;

  • Turnover
  • Margin
  • Profitability
  • Less Profits
  • Less Pension Contributions
  • Less Business Reserves
  • Less Business Value
  • Increase in Capital Investment

This all leads to post retirement income expectations not being realisable. In the short term, your very existence is at risk.

What Hospitalitywealth Provides; In the short-term;

  • Tax Control
  • Inheritance tax shelters via capital acquisition tax reliefs
  • Cost Control
  • Cashflow modelling.
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Interactive wealth management platform allowing you to understand your current cash position at all times.
  • Centralised investment process, potentially reducing the costs of doing business & managing downside shocks.
  • Targeted risk related return on investments.
  • Reduction of tax on investments - gross roll up system.
  • Risk appraised suite of model investment portfolios.
  • Reduction of charges.
  • Monthly fund updates.
  • Finacial stewardship over product salesmanship.
  • Efficient payment of risk premiums.
  • Quarterly investment report.
  • Trust and estate planning.
  • Inform you of potential reliefs available to you as part of overall extraction strategies.
  • Control wealth transfers to next generation.
  • Expenditure planning in a tax efficient manner.


F.I.R.E. – The Financial Independence to Retire Early is the movement aimed at Irish Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Company Directors that will allow
them to avail of various reliefs at the right time in their careers to allow them to retire ahead of schedule, should they wish to.

F.I.R.E. can be achieved through sequential planning and opening your mindset to a world of opportunities to stop the traditional way of thinking around retirement planning.

How Much Is Enough?

Do you know how much money you need to retire and still live the life you’ve always dreamed of, in retirement.

What is “Your Number”?

The age at which you can retire, live the life you want in retirement and not die with too much money and incur the dreaded “Death Tax”.

Cashflow always wins

By creating multiple flows of income, both earned and passive sources – retirement can be expedited if that is the choice.

One Life – Live It

We all only get one opportunity at Life. Everyone deserves to live it as they so desire. By engaging in a Centralised Wealth Management System, we can find out the how, what, when and why of financial planning to allow us to live the life we want.

Retire Alive

Don’t work until you can't. You have put in years of hard work moving towards retirement, you should be able to enjoy those years and by correctly planning and availing of the necessary structures at the correct times, this is possible.

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